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Southeast Georgia Hometown Radio

WPAX's tower, built in the 1930s, still stands on the roof of the studios.

WACL-Johnny Bee-Pernell Roberts-Dam Wallace.png
Johnny Bee, Pernell Roberts of "Bonanza," Sam Wallace
Newspaper ad announcing the sign-on of WAYX, which  operated on 1200 AM from 1936 to 1941 (Below)
BG at WAYX c.1966_0004.jpg
A young Andrew "Butch" Guest in the WAYX control room in 1966. (Photo courtesy of Andrew "Butch" Guest)
WAYX BUILDING-Recent-From Andrew Guest.jpg
The WAYX studios (circa 1940s) originally built to house the radio station, now occupied by a real estate office. (Photo and information courtesy of Andrew "Butch" Guest, who worked there in the mid-60s)
Johnny Reb Radio Survey Dec 1964.JPG
WAYX survey (Dec 1964)
WAYX History (Edited from Wikipedia)

WAYX (1230 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a classic rock format, licensed to Waycross. WAYX serves Ware, Pierce and Brantley Counties in southeast Georgia.  It went on the air in 1936, originally on 1200 kHz with 100 watts.  The station is currently owned by Satilla Broadcast Properties, L.L.C.

WAYX formerly aired a news-talk format with Fox Radio News, Georgia Network News and Sports, and popular conservative or political talk shows. Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Neal Boortz were featured, plus business talkers Clark Howard and Dave Ramsey, and computer guru and "digital goddess" Kim Komando. Weekend jazz music programming included Legends of Jazz by Ramsey Lewis and Jazztrax by Art Good. Sports Conversations with Loran Smith and the Regionsbank SEC (Southeastern Conference) football report were carried. The station also partnered with the Waycross-Ware County Chamber of Commerce to provide local event information with its "Community Happenings" and "Community Minute" announcements which aired up to 16 times daily. 

The news-talk format on WAYX was cancelled at the end of May 2011, and the station began simulcasting classic rock WSIZ-FM, Fitzgerald-Douglas. This was not commercially successful either, and in July 2016, the station began simulcasting WKBX-FM in Kingsland, Georgia. This broadcast includes country music and Camden County High School and Jacksonville Jaguars football.

Andrew "Butch" Guest, who worked at the station in 1965 and 1966, added:
"It seems weird, but at the time (mid-60s), WAYX was part of a group of several stations around Georgia known on-air as "Johnny Reb Radio."  Allen Woodall's WDAK in Columbus was the flagship known as Big Johnny Reb.  Woodall owned 25% of WAYX, but it didn't simulcast WDAK. WAYX was independently operated with a block format. It was the first station in Waycross (1936)."
WVLD "Drive Safely" promotion 
WVLD 1977
WVLD Music Director Cathy Moye (1978)
WVLD Cathy Moye 1978
Members of Wet Willie at WVLD  (1978)
WVLD Control Room w_Wet Willie 1978
WVLD's Bob Raleigh (circa 1978)
WVLD Van 1977
Brent Albert-WVLD_1973
00:00 / 02:04
WULF 1400 AM Alma
WGAF 910 AM Valdosta  (Now silent)
John Clark _ WGAF 1985.jpeg
Future GAB president, GNN head John Clark; 1985
November 1971 playlist
John Clark _ WGAF 1985.jpeg
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