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FoGRPod # 25: GM Wendy Williams & PD David Linton

Celebrating WCLK's 50 Years as Atlanta's Jazz Station

A bigtime record executive comes back to Atlanta to do what he loves best—radio. And, a pretty crafty GM sees the possibility early on and parlays a collection of translator licenses into a new tower site and vastly increased coverage. Oh, and by the way, this little-but-mighty noncommercial station was streaming well before the other Atlanta operators saw the future. How has this station earned its reputation as one of the nation's best? It’s all here— as FoGR’s Dennis Winslow is in conversation with WCLK’s Wendy Williams and David Linton, celebrating 50 years as "Atlanta's Jazz Station."

Wendy Williams WCLK.jpeg
David C Linton-WCLK PD.jpeg

Former Fox 97 Morning Hosts Randy & Spiff-Part 1 and Part  2

14 years at Fox 97 and 21 years total on the Atlanta airwaves

Randy and Spiff.jpg

A conversation with iconic morning duo Randy and Spiff from Fox 97…where they spent 14 years right up until the station flipped out of the oldies format. That didn’t stop ‘em, they went on to Atlanta iHeart oldies Cool 105.7, then over to Lite 94.9, then to news talk GST, and finally to oldies WYAY/106.7.  A total of 21 years in Atlanta radio, and still as entertaining as ever! 

In Part 1, they talk about their early career, how they got together, and tell some great radio stories with behind the scenes details, filtered through the Randy and Spiff somewhat distorted -- and always funny -- lens.

Part 2 contains more great stories, plus sound advice on building a successful major market morning show. 

Part 1

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Part 2

Cox Radio's Bob Neil

From PD to Station Manager to GM to EVP of Cox Media Group and President of Cox Radio

Bob Neil 2.jpeg

Bob Neil started in radio at 16, and by the time he was 21, he was Program Director of a large market heritage station. He arrived in Atlanta in the mid-80s to wage a fierce country battle, moved to WSB AM and FM as Station Manager, and eventually became one of the youngest GMs at a major station, and then, one of the youngest group heads in the country. Dennis Winslow talks to Bob about his rise to the top, Cox's winning philosophy, and his view of the state of radio today.

Ron O'Quinn 2023.jpg
Bob Raleigh.png

The WVLD Valdosta Story

With Ron O'Quinn, Kevin O'Connell, and Bob Raleigh

Kevin O'Connell 2023.jpg

Beginning in 1960 when the Al Evans family bought WVLD in Valdosta, the little AM with a limited signal in a market of around 30,000 sounded like it belonged in a much bigger market. And the talent it attracted proved it! Ron O'Quinn, Wayne "Kevin O'Connell" Buttram, and Bob Raleigh-- who were there is different decades-- reminisce about "the little station that could"!

KJ Allen.jpg

Great Smaller Market Radio

With OconeeCom's KJ Allen,

Batten Communications owner Jeff Batten,

and Jacobs Media VP/GM Bill Maine

Jeff Batten-WCHM.jpg
Bill Maine-WDUN.jpg

Smaller market radio can be rewarding, and challenging-- especially if your stations are in the coverage area of multiple, bigger markets. Yet, Jeff Batten's Batten Communications, KJ Allen's OconeeComm, and Bill Maine's WDUN/WGGA Jacobs Media owned cluster in Gainesville, have somehow decoded a lot of the secrets to being successful AND making money. All three have a great perspective on how to thrive.


The Story of WQXI-FM/94Q's "Jazz Flavours"

With Don Benson, Fleetwood Gruver, and Russ Davis

Fleetwood Gruver.jpg
Russ Davis.jpg
Don Benson.jpg

In the late 1970s, there were only a small handful of commercial stations featuring jazz programming. But WQXI-FM ("94Q")-- a extremely successful Atlanta pop rock station--- added a 5-hour jazz show Sunday nights 7 to midnight, and generated double digit shares-  Sometimes 20+ shares Adults 25-54!  Here's the inside story from Don Benson, the PD who put it on, and from Fleetwood Gruver and Russ Davis, the first two hosts, who both went on to CD-101 in New York, one of the biggest jazz stations in the country. It's all here, in FoGRPod #19 from Friends of Georgia Radio.


The GAB's Radio Talent Institute 2023

With Bob Houghton, Massimo Bellew, Madison Gott, and Justin Harris

Massimo Bellow-Radio Talent Institute.jpg
Madison Gott-WCON Photo 3.jpg
Justin Harris- GAB RTI 2023.jpg

We gathered three incredibly bright Georgia college students who finished two weeks of intensive workshops and radio training at the GAB’s Radio Talent Institute at Grady College at UGA. We’ll find out what they learned, whom they met (A Who’s Who of Georgia and national radio leaders), and what they will do with all their new knowledge. Dennis Winslow talks with GAB President Bob Houghton, Brenau and UGA's Massimo Bellew, Piedmont University and now Habersham Broadcasting's Madison Gott, and Ft. Valley State's Justin Harris.


V-103's Mike Roberts & Carol Blackmon

Back Together Again

Carol Blackmon3.jpg
Mike Roberts-Crop.jpg

Mike Roberts and Carol Blackmon anchored mornings at heritage Urban powerhouse WVEE from the late 80s thru the late 90s – dominating morning ratings and winning accolades and awards. Mike’s a Georgia Radio Hall of Fame and a GAB Hall of Fame inductee, and Carol was inducted into the National Black Radio Hall of Fame, and recently honored by the Library of Congress as she joined the Black Women in Radio Class of 2023.

Back together again in the latest FoGRPod Podcast, Carol reveals how she almost came to blows with one of the biggest names in music during a live interview on V103.  And Mike reveals that he had a case of nerves every time he was interviewing legends like Smokey Robinson, Nancy Wilson, and all the other celebrities who came through the door at V103. Check the great behind-the-scenes stories here.


Randy Reeves / George Robinson / Jeff Winter

The Voiceover Business: Then and Now

Jeff Winter.jpg

The voiceover business-- then and now--- with three of the most successful voice talents in the industry. All worked in Atlanta radio, all still live here, and all are still working. How they got started, the challenges of the business today, and a few secrets, plus advice for young talent who want a career as a voiceover talent today -- it's all here in FoGRPod #16 with Randy Reeves, George Robinson, and Jeff Winter.


Neil McGinley / Moby in the Morning

The WKHX PD & the legendary morning guy

Moby in the Morning.jpg
Neil McGinley-WKHX.jpg

ABC/CapCities imported PD Neil McGinley to Atlanta from flame-throwing CHR WKBW in Buffalo to their new country property, WKHX 101.5 in Atlanta.  And Neil imported a morning guy from a top-rated rock station in Houston, where he had a reputation as a “shock jock.”  Together, they built a heritage country morning show brand in the heart of the South.  Back together again, in one of the last recorded interviews before Moby's death on September 20th of this year, they share the story of their partnership – the high points and the pitfalls – in this face to face podcast interview with Dennis Winslow.


Brian Philips, Chief Content Officer, Cumulus

The Original --and the new-- 99X

Brian Philips-Cumulus.jpg

Over 30 years ago, Susquehanna radio put their Top 40 “Power 99” to bed, and birthed a new station – the original “99X.” With a legendary morning show – “The Morning X” – and a unique roadmap (there really wasn’t one in the beginning), the station carved out a place in Georgia radio history, but eventually was itself replaced. Fast forward, and the visionary program manager who was most responsible in  those early days came back as Chief Content Officer for the company that now owned the signal, and this year – he proceeded to re-birth the iconic brand, with many of the same voices that had been a part of the original 99X. Here, Dennis Winslow gets a great download from Cumulus’s Brian Philips about the old – and the new – 99X.


John Asante / Gail Harris

The Album 88- WRAS Story

Part 2

John Asante-LinkedIn.jfif
Gail Harris- WRAS-Final Free Form `1993.jpg

FoGRPod # 13- “History of WRAS-Part 2”  with two Atlanta natives who both got started at “Album 88” in different eras:

John Asante, who was a show host and News Director from 2007-2009, and then ended up at WNYC and NPR in New York, helping to produce such iconic shows as “Ask Me Another,” “The Takeaway,” and “Talk of the Nation.” From there, he headed for Los Angeles, where he is now an award-winning podcast producer.

Gail Harris is probably one of the longest-serving members of the Album 88 family, as a staffer from 1976 to 1983 and then doing fill-in thru 1993. She also worked in the record industry at WABE and was on staff at Peach State Public Radio when they first went on the air. (If you don’t recall the name, it’s now GPB with a network of over 18 stations covering the state!)

Dennis Winslow discovers some great insights about the iconic station and gets good advice for young broadcasters from both.


Drew Murray / Jeff Walker

The Album 88- WRAS Story

Part 1

Drew Murray-WRAS-WKLS.jpg
Jeff Walker-WRAS.jpg

With WRAS’s Drew Murray and Jeff Walker- In addition to arriving at WRAS during the station’s infancy in the early 1970s, Drew Murray has the distinction of being the very first voice on the brand new “96 Rock” when WKLS flipped from beautiful music. And Jeff Walker is the WRAS staffers who just can’t leave! Jeff was PD in 1981, then GM, then Operations manager and Advisor off and on from 1986 to today. (He even retired once, but it didn’t stick.) Meanwhile, both Drew and Jeff also worked commercial radio in Atlanta, and have a lot to tell about the history of Album 88, including the birth the iconic “Album 88” name. It’s all here in the latest FOGRPod podcast with Dennis Winslow.


Jerry Rogers

Owner & Afternoon Drive Personality

Quality Rock 105.3 Savannah

Jerry Rogers-Savannah.jpg

The story goes that in 1969, Jerry Rogers rolled into Savannah from New York in a Mustang convertible for a gig as music director and afternoon DJ at the now-defunct  WSGA.  He's been there ever since, and for over 50 years, he’s been dominant force in Savannah radio, as a high-profile Top 40 radio personality, an award winning PD, a GM, and an owner.

In 1991, he built WRHQ, Quality Rock 105.3, from scratch after a bit of a battle for the new allocation -- he had to buy out a few competing applicants and wait out others.

Today, he and his primary airstaff represent over 100 years on on-air experience, and he’s crafted a station that’s quirky and unique – and successful. He and his staff listen to every song that makes it onto the 4000 song library, and once a month, they devote an show to Savannah musicians only. They are no contests, no talk overs, and very little hype.

Jerry Rogers is a Savannah and Georgia radio icon, and was inducted into The Georgia Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. Here, Dennis Winslow gets the lowdown on his incredible Georgia radio career.

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Dwight Douglas

Former President

Burkhart/Douglas & Assoc.

Dwight Douglas photo.png

A native of Pittsburgh, one of Dwight Douglas’s first broadcasting jobs after college was as a video guy for TV’s “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.”  Later, radio successes led him to a job with the ABC O&O radio stations helping revitalize their FM properties.  He eventually ended up at the largest radio consulting firms in the world — Burkhart/Douglas and Associates-- consulting some of America’s best stations and working with world-class radio talent like KLOS’s Mark & Brian and Howard Stern. Later, Andy Economos recruited him as his VP of marketing for RCS. Now retired, Dwight is now a prolific writer and has just finished his latest, “True Radio Confessions — Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll,” in which you will surely recognize people from your radio career. (By the way, Dwight swears it’s a work of fiction!)


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Laura Starling

WDEN Macon

Laura Starling-seated photo-recent.jpg

Laura Starling got her start while in Athens for college but headed back home to finish her degree at Wesleyan College in Macon. Before she even graduated, she started working at powerhouse country WDEN.  40 years --- and three changes of ownership later --- she’s still doing morning drive at WDEN. She’s an ADDY Award winner, a member of the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame, and a regular winner of’s voting as Macon’s “Best DJ.” Along the way, she’s sung with Kenny Chesney and been pranked by Faith Hill’s manager. Here, Dennis Winslow unpacks her long and successful career.


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Kaedy Kiely

96 Rock, Z93, 97.1 The River

Part 1 & Part 2

kaedy Kiely .JPG

Kaedy has been doing drive-time radio in Atlanta for 40 years, first at iconic Atlanta station 96 Rock, then at Classic Rock Z93, and then as both Morning Drive host and now afternoon personality at top-rated 97.1 The River. A native Atlantan and Emory graduate, Kiely’s first calling was singing and acting, but the radio bug hit her, and she’s now one of Atlanta’s longest-running air talents. Dennis Winslow traces her long career path, the lows of a breast cancer diagnosis, and her career highs, including her induction into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.

Part 1
Part 2

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Bear O'Brian

WCGQ, Kiss, Kissin' 99.3


Bear OBrian.jpg

Bear grew up in Manchester listening to Atlanta and Columbus radio, dreaming that he, too, could be on the radio. He started along the path right out of high school with jobs in Perry, Barnesville, Monroe, and Wrens, but when he got that chance to go to legendary station WCGQ in Columbus as a copywriter, he took it. Several weeks later, the long-time morning guy quit. Bear asked for the job and got it, spending the next 40 years in morning drive at WCGQ, KISS, and Kissin’ 99.3, with a side trip to Florida and Alabama, and a stint as a stand-up comic. Here, Dennis Winslow unpacks this Georgia Radio legend’s career.


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Mara Davis

Part 1 & Part 2

Mara Davis Headshot.JPG

MARA DAVIS enjoyed a successful first act as a longtime Atlanta-based FM radio DJ, TV host, emcee, and gal about town. In these podcasts, she discusses her arrival at Classic Rock Z93 in the mid-90s, and the transition to Dave FM, and later, hosting “Mara’s Music Mix” on 90.1 WABE.

Mara’s been the talent booker job at Adult Swim and booked top bands from Cage The Elephant to Neko Case, Jason Isbell, Sting, and emerging talent like Doja Cat and Billie Eilish. She co-hosted a Georgia politics podcast, serves as Secretary on the board of the Grammy Chapter in Atlanta, contributes to Paste Magazine, and donates her time to organizations including the Atlanta Humane Society, Helping Mama's, and The Homeless Period Project.     

Part 1
Part 2

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Mike Roberts



Mike Roberts.jpg

Dennis Winslow sits down with Mike Roberts as he tells the story of his career as PD of two of the city’s iconic urban stations – first WIGO, and later V-103, where he hosted the longest-running morning show in the station’s history and took the station to the top of the Arbitron ratings. Then, Mike talks about becoming an entrepreneur with his own small cluster of stations in Macon, and his new life as an owner.


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John Lauer



John Lauer.jpeg

John Lauer served as VP/GM of two iconic Georgia radio stations: Peach FM95 and WGST Newsradio. After rising through the ranks at CBS radio, he came to Atlanta in 1968 as FM took off and helped assemble an all-star team of managers and staff at both stations. He continued in the role through ownership changes from Sudbrink to Meredith to Jacor. Richard Warner interviewed Lauer in March 2022. 


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Don Benson

WQXI AM/FM Atlanta

Part 1 & Part 2

Don Benson.jpg

Don Benson eventually ran the whole company as President and CEO of Lincoln Financial.  Here’s the behind-the-scenes story of his start as an intern for legendary programmer Scott Shannon and his arrival in Atlanta where he watched one of the most heavily promoted radio promotions of the '70s fizzle because of a technical glitch. And, Dennis Winslow talks with Don about becoming PD of “The FM QXI,” and the birth of the iconic 94Q. 


In part 2, Dennis Winslow explores with Don the formatics that made 94Q such a fierce competitor and reveals details about how legendary GM Jerry Blum inspired the staff. 

Part 1
Part 2

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