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1240 AM Gainesville

WGGA The Ticket logo.jpg


WGGA first went signed on in 1941 on 1240 kilocycles. It was owned by Gainesville Broadcasters, with Henry H. Estes as the General Manager. At first, its power was only 250 watts.


AM 550 WCON, owned by The Atlanta Constitution, went off the air in 1953, due to the merger with the Atlanta Journal. WGGA was awarded the 550 frequency, a position lower on the dial and able to cover much of Northern Georgia, with 5,000 watts during the day, and 500 watts at night. WDUN took over the 1240 position on the dial in Gainesville that WGGA had vacated.


In 1983, the station again switched frequencies. WDUN switched back to 550 kHz on the dial, while WGGA returned to 1240 kHz.


In 1993, the two stations became co-owned, along with 102.9 WDUN-FM. WGGA switched to a sports format, featuring programming from the ESPN Radio Network, as "The Ticket."

On April 16, 2018, WGGA after adding an FM translator at 94.5 FM, it changed its format from sports to adult contemporary as "The Lake."

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