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Other Athens Radio Stations

103.7 FM Maysville
WPUP Bulldog 1037 logo.jpg
AJ Walker - Bulldog 103.7 (WPUP) Aircheck 1993(M)
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103.7 FM was first assigned the call sign WBIC on January 4, 1989. On March 2, 1990, the call sign was then changed to WPUP. The station was known as "Rock 103.7" for many years, before returning to the "Bulldog" name it had in the mid to late 1990s. Since the transmitter is located in Royston, it made the station's signal south of Athens marginal.

The station was sold to Cox Radio in August 2008, which moved WPUP to 100.1 and changed 103.7 to the current callsign WXKT. The stations simulcast the "Bulldog" format for a little over a year; WPUP remains on 100.1 FM licensed to Watkinsville as top-40 station "Power 100.1".

On August 1, 2009 at 8 AM, WXKT flipped to news/talk.

Atlanta-based news/talk station WSB AM 750 upgraded to FM simulcast (WSBB-FM 95.5) in August 2010, which resulted in improved coverage in the Gainesville area; Cox deemed the news/talk format on 103.7 as redundant and on December 6, 2011 at 6 AM, the station announced a new format for 103.7: the mornings consisted of North Georgia's Morning News hosted by Tim Bryant and Martha Zoller's talk show; at noon, Jim Rome's sports radio show aired; 3-6 PM, America's Radio News handled programming; and Yahoo! Sports Radio did overnights.

On May 25, 2012 WXKT flipped from news/talk/sports to adult hits, branded as "103.7 Chuck FM".

90.5 FM Athens
WUOG 1975.jpg

Original logo by Doug Hollingsworth

WUOG 1984.png
WUOG Circle.png
WUOG FM 2020.jpeg
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WUOG 2015.png
WUOG Ort.jpg

Ort circa 1976

Complete 1977 training manual by John Kelly | courtesy of Keith Kozicki and Jan Hickel


Station log | 4/21/1977

Robert Klein WUOG ID | 1976Courtesy of Richard Warner
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Record library

Record library

WUOG 1982.png

Playlist October 1982

Smoke Damage 1977
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Disco News March 31 1978Courtesy of Keith Kozicki
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WUOG Maxime Tansett.webp
94 Winter Playlist.jpeg
2016 Alumni weekend.jpg

1996 Alumni Weekend

WUOG 2020a.jpeg
WUOG Vote.jpeg
WUOG 2020.jpeg
Barn Show 2019.jpeg
2018 sign ups.jpeg

2018 Signups

2019 DJs.jpeg

Class of 2019 DJs

Mike Henry article.png

Article on Mike Henry (GM in early '80s)

Ernie Johnson, Jr (Sportscaster in 1977) | UGA 2017 Commencement Speech

Always a Bulldog.png

Quote from Neil Williamson (GM in early '80s) in "Always a Bulldog"

Don Sylvester (WUOG mid '70s) wins Oscar for Best Sound Editing for "Ford vs Ferrari 2020"

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